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Author: Alzheimer's WA

COVID-19 Update

Following a community case of COVID-19 being detected overnight in WA, effective from 12pm today, restrictions have been introduced for the Perth and Peel regions for a minimum of three days. This is an evolving situation.   Please note the…
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The Elderly Should Be Our Priority

Featured in The Sunday Times Warren’s letter to the editor is in full below: Your Feb 28, 2021 article Aged-care abuse “secret” for month, calls out the absurdity that Priority Two incidents of low impact elder abuse in nursing homes…
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Age in Place and with Dignity

Access to the community for older people should play a pivotal role in town planning and reflect aged friendly and dementia enabling design principles. Adjunct Professor Warren Harding, Chairman of Alzheimer’s WA says “Aging in place, with dignity, is a…
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Ella’s House 5th birthday celebration

Ella’s House in Mandurah recently celebrated five years of supporting local families on their dementia journey with a garden party. Guests were welcomed with a speech by Ella’s House member Brett who summed up what the House means to him.…
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Do you love to sing? Join our choir!

Music has an extraordinary ability to connect people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Listening to music with emotional significance brings back strong memories for most people. It can enhance wellbeing and quality of life, and can be especially useful…
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Tips to help you live at home longer

New research from the Royal Commission into Aged Care has confirmed what many of us already knew. Most Australians want to live in their own homes for as long as possible, and receive care in their homes if that helps…
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