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Find meaning through volunteering

Volunteering group

The Alzheimer’s WA Cockburn Conservation Crew recently spent a morning volunteering their time to help beautify the wetland area of Bibra Lake Reserve. The group of seven have been volunteering together once a week since March 2018 and have become good friends. The group is a great opportunity for people living with dementia to come together, volunteer in the local community, and make close social connections.

When people with a diagnosis of dementia start to experience changes in their day-to-day routine, they can sometimes feel a loss of meaning and purpose. Volunteering provides opportunities to keep physically, mentally and socially active. This is true for anyone, not just a person living with dementia.

Next week is Volunteering Week, a celebration of the six million people who volunteer in Australia. Not-for-profit organisations like Alzheimer’s WA rely on volunteers to support our programs, and volunteering offers many benefits to the volunteer such as an increase in happiness and general health.

If you are reading this and you are a volunteer, thank you so much for your generosity. If you are thinking about volunteering, you can find out more about volunteering opportunities at Volunteering WA.

If you are interested in joining a dementia-specific volunteering group facilitated and supported by Alzheimer’s WA, find out more by calling 1300 66 77 88.

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