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Dementia Enabling Environments

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An enabling environment will encourage a person with dementia to lead as full and independent a life as possible. There are many simple modifications that anybody can make to their home or to landscaping, as well as architectural design changes.

Alzheimer’s WA, in partnership with the University of Wollongong, created the Dementia Enabling Environments website to help you understand evidence-based dementia design principles and give practical advice and tips on creating a dementia friendly home, care facility or public building.

The Dementia Friendly Community Environmental Audit Tool can help guide you through assessing your public building.

Adapting your home

The Dementia Enabling Environments can also assist in developing an enabling home environment for a person living with dementia. The Enabling Environments website provides useful ideas and resources to adapt your home.

A well-designed home environment can maintain abilities and provide meaningful engagement by providing essential prompts, accessibility and reduce risks to support a person living with dementia.

Families can arrange a tour of our demonstration room at Shenton Park to learn about the latest technology and practical ideas to adapt a home.

Alzheimer’s WA can also provide a review of your home with recommendations on changes and adaptations for a fee.

For further information please visit: enablingenvironments.com.au or contact 1300 66 77 88.

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