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Benefits of occupational therapy

Occupational therapists are qualified health professionals who specialise in enabling people with injury or disability, including dementia, to continue participating in everyday life and to retain their existing abilities for as long as possible.

What can an occupational therapist help with?

  • Remembering important dates and appointments, and taking medication.
  • Assessing basic self-care tasks, such as showering, brushing teeth, toileting, getting dressed, preparing and eating meals, and providing practical solutions to help a person continue to complete these tasks independently where possible.
  • Assisting to continue regular activities: hanging out the washing, watering the garden, looking after the family pet, or paying the bills.
  • Recommending assistive technology or home modifications.
  • Support with falls prevention.

To find out more, you can visit our therapy services webpage or read our brochure. To speak with someone about occupational therapy services call 1300 66 77 88.

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