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Five tips for connecting with someone living with dementia

Five Simple Tips to connect with a person living with dementia

Alzheimer’s WA has five simple tips to help the wider community better connect with a person living with dementia. These suggestions can help those living with dementia feel less alone, with a greater sense of belonging, while being treated with dignity and respect by the community.

Talk to me

Please talk to me, not my carer, family member or friend.  Don’t prejudge my level of understanding. 

Keep questions simple

Providing information in smaller chunks will really help me. 

Body language

Make eye contact and speak clearly, use short sentences, with one idea at a time. Please avoid using jargon. 

Be patient and understanding

Sometimes it takes a little longer for me to process information and find the right answer. Don’t rush me, allow me time to speak. 

Distractions cause disruptions

Less noise and fewer distractions, such as bright lights, will help me to focus. 

Please treat me with dignity and respect 

For copies of these tips on a postcard for you or to distribute in your community or workplace, please contact us on 1300 66 77 88 or email us 

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