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Focus on the Person form

The Focus on the Person form is an evidence-based tool that has been designed to assist families and health professionals to be allies in providing person-centred care. The tool is comprised of 16 short topics which provide information; for example: ‘eating and drinking’ and ‘communication’ to the staff during a hospital visit. Family carers are able to provide information summaries to the hospital staff that can personalise the care to a person living with dementia.

How To Use
For Families

Complete the form with the most recent information and ensure it is in a safe and easily accessible place. If the person living with dementia is admitted to hospital please take along the form with you and present it at admission. Ensure the hospital takes a copy and gives you the original back for safe keeping. When admitted to the ward, mention the form to the staff and ask for it to be easily accessible. Don’t forget to update the original form if things change for the person.

For Hospital Staff

On admission ask the family if they have a form. If they have brought one completed, take a copy and give the original back to the family. Ensure the form travels with the patient through their hospital journey and that staff are aware of the information contained on it. If the family do not present a completed form please give them a blank form and encourage them to fill it out and present it to the staff when completed.

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