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Dementia Learning Pathway

This pathway will assist you in selecting the most appropriate course for your learning needs and career aspirations.

Level 1 – Foundation Level

Experiencing DementiaRewriting the Behaviour StoryPositive Dementia CareCertificate III in Individual Support – CHC33015

People participating in these modules will benefit from:

  • Increased awareness of dementia.
  • A better understanding of the impact of dementia on a person’s life
  • The opportunity to reflect on their own role in providing a person-centred approach.

Level 2 – Support

Communicating in a Person-Centred WayMeaningful EngagementIntellectual Disability and DementiaYounger Onset DementiaProvide support to people living with dementia – CHCAGE005

These modules will build on the participant’s foundational knowledge and introduce:

  • More detailed strategies for supporting a person living with dementia and their families.
  • A reflective approach to further develop their person-centred practice.
  • Planning support for the person with dementia, based on their strengths and abilities.

Level 3 – Exploration

Art and Creativity in Dementia CareMusic in Dementia CareReminiscence and Life StoriesCare EnvironmentsSupporting your Clients using an Enabling Home EnvironmentDementia Support – Service Delivery Skill Set (Release 1) – CHCSS00095

Exploration modules will:

  • Focus on insights from the latest research that can inform dementia assessment, treatment and support.
  • Provide an opportunity to share experiences with experts.
  • Further increase understanding of the specific forms of dementia.
  • Cover complex issues such as choice, decision-making, competency, capacity and advance care planning.

Level 4 – Leadership

Certificate IV Leadership and Innovation in Dementia Services – 10719NAT

Leadership modules:

  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of current dementia practice.
  • Give participants the skills and confidence to challenge current dementia practice.
  • Guide participants through the process of practice improvement.
  • Help participants develop original ideas for improvement.
  • Support the implementation of change.
  • Open doors to new career paths.

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