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Exploration Workshops

Increase your understanding of specific forms of dementia and focus on insights from the latest research that can inform dementia assessment, treatment and support. Cover complex issues such as choice, decision-making, competency, capacity and advance care planning.

Art and Creativity in Dementia Care

Art can provide an alternative language for communication – through images, symbols and colours. This workshop is for anyone working in aged, health or community care services and will help you plan arts activities for people with dementia. Work with a variety of art materials – both 2D and 3D – to get an understanding of the ways art can be used for expression and how it can be used to engage people with dementia. You will also receive information on:

  • How to set up and organise a therapeutic art group, while keeping physical and psychological safety in mind
  • How to choose suitable, quality art materials without blowing your budget
  • How to identify appropriate themes and activities
  • The value of dementia-specific guided art tours

Duration: Full Day

Music in Dementia Care

Explore music as an effective method of communication, a calming strategy and a reminiscing tool. Music is a valuable tool in caring for people with dementia, as it can be used to prompt special memories of people, places and events. Music has been proven to have positive effects on our physiology, affecting our heart rate, blood pressure and nervous system. Singing in particular can improve comprehension, lift mood, build trust and boost self-confidence. Learn:

  • Develop a music program
  • Examine the pros and cons of setting up a choir
  • Determine how to use music to create a positive environment
  • Assist with developing an individual play-list, using a person-centred approach

Duration: Half-Day

Reminiscence and Life Stories Workshop

Learn skills to help engage in reminiscing and the creation of a life story book with a person with dementia, with help and support from their family and friends. You will:

  • Learn strategies to encourage and support reminiscing
  • Develop the key points for creating an individual life story
  • Identify opportunities for using life stories as a person-centred communication tool

Duration: Half-Day

Design for Dementia: Care Environments

Explore the application of 10 evidence-based principles of dementia design across a variety of environments such as hospitals, day clubs and residential aged care facilities. You will also have the opportunity to visit a dementia specialist day club to see these principles in action. You will learn:

  • Architectural design, signage and choosing furniture
  • Use of colour and lighting
  • Creating meaningful engagement opportunities
  • Creating therapeutic garden space
  • The use of design audit tools

Duration: Half-Day

Supporting your Clients Using an Enabling Home Environment

Learn useful information on how to easily adapt home environments to support a person living with dementia including:

  • How to carry out an assessment of the home environment
  • Practical ideas, advice and tips that can make the home more enabling for the person living with dementia
  • Exploration of ideas for creating meaningful activities in and around their home environment
  • Learn how assistive technology can support an enabling environment for your client by reducing risk, supporting independence and creating more choices

Duration: Half-Day

Supporting Patients with Cognitive Impairment to Achieve Better Outcomes in Hospital

Interactive workshop that gives health care staff all the skills and knowledge they need to achieve optimal outcomes for patients with cognitive impairment. Learn to:

  • Understand cognitive impairment and how to provide quality support and care
  • Understand the value of a holistic approach to assessment
  • Develop effective engagement skills using a person-centred approach
  • Recognise and reflect on risk and quality of life for patients in a hospital setting

This workshop can also be run at your workplace by prior arrangement. Group booking of $945 for up to 25 students. 

Duration: Full Day

Workshop Cost

Half-day workshop

  • CHSP community support workers – $90
  • Aged, disability or health care workers* – $126

Full day workshop

  • CHSP community support workers – $155
  • Aged, disability or health care workers* – $210

*Hospital, residential care, client-directed care package or disability community care

Dates and Locations

Available in Perth metropolitan and regional areas.  Please call us on 1300 66 77 88 or email us for upcoming course dates.

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