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Support Workshops

Build on your foundational knowledge and introduce more detailed strategies for supporting a person living with dementia and their families. Use a reflective approach to further develop your person-centred practice and plan support for the person with dementia, based on their strengths and abilities.

Communicating in a Person-Centred Way

Good communication skills are essential for providing support to people living with dementia. Every person, including those diagnosed with dementia and their carers, are impacted by the disease in different ways. Therefore, it is always useful to have a broad range of effective communication strategies at your disposal.

Gain a greater understanding of the ways dementia can impact a person’s communication and  develop strategies for more effective and personal communication.

Duration: Half-day

Meaningful Engagement in Dementia Care

Explore the importance of engaging meaningfully with people living with dementia by providing them with activities that are purposeful and pleasurable. This workshop is perfect for anyone supporting people with dementia in a community or residential setting who is interested in providing quality, person-centred care. In this half-day workshop you will:

  • Explore the importance of identifying individual needs of people living with dementia
  • Examine the relationship of meaningful engagement to wellbeing
  • Develop a plan of suitably engaging activities for a person living with dementia

Duration: Half-day

Intellectual Disability and Dementia

This specialised workshop addresses the ways of providing support to a person living with both an intellectual disability (such as Down syndrome) and dementia. It is suitable for anyone working in disability services or community care that may need to interact with people with an intellectual disability and dementia. In this workshop you will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of how dementia affects people with an intellectual disability
  • Develop the skills required to communicate more effectively with people with the dual diagnosis
  • Identify and respond to changes over time

Duration: Full day

Young Onset Dementia

Explore the unique experience of people under 65 who are diagnosed with dementia and get useful advice and skills to utilise in supporting and caring for them. In this workshop you will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of dementia as a condition
  • Examine the impacts of dementia on a younger person
  • Identify the unique needs of younger people with dementia
  • Explore ways to adapt care and service provision to meet the needs of a younger person

Duration: Half-day

Workshop Cost

Half-day workshop

  • CHSP community support workers – FREE
  • Aged, disability or health care workers* – $90

Full day workshop

  • CHSP community support workers – FREE
  • Aged, disability or health care workers* – $155

*Hospital, residential care, client-directed care package or disability community care

Dates and Locations

Available in Perth metropolitan and regional areas.  Please call us on 1300 66 77 88 or email us for upcoming course dates.

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