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Walker House

Welcome to Walker House Day Respite in Woodvale, where our main focus is to provide a nurturing and compassionate environment for people living with dementia. Our philosophy is based on person centred care, recognising and appreciating the unique abilities, personality, and passion of each individual. We firmly believe in cherishing every moment by offering activities that captivate and hold significance to the person living with dementia.

Our houses provide the family a short break while offering an enriching experience for the person living with dementia.

Read more out about our Enabling Household™ model and the benefits of attending.

Our Services

A supportive environment focused on socialising

Enjoyable and therapeutic activities such as music, quizzes, crafts, and day trips

Tea, refreshments, and hot meals

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If you are considering respite care, it is important to do your research and find a house that is a good fit for you and your loved one. You should visit the house and meet with the staff to get a feel for the environment and the services that are offered. You should also talk to your GP about whether respite care is right for you and your loved one.

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